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Carolyn Eisenberg


Dear Elaine and Glen,

Every year it gets harder to leave Salem—and Heritage School is part of the reason. I feel privileged to be able to contribute in a small way to the outstanding education you provide.

As someone who has spent years encouraging systematic teaching of writing as part of an integrated language arts program in public schools, it is gratifying to see it done so successfully at Heritage.

In addition to the academic skills they are acquiring, your students are learning to work cooperatively with others and value the contributions of their peers. The atmosphere is one of purposeful activity as they pursue areas of special interest and learn to take responsibility for using their time at school productively.

I especially enjoy my time at Heritage because the cooperative, respectful tone you have set encourages the children to be helpful to and considerate of their peers and adults. You are truly growing a garden of self-motivated students with a love of learning.

With love,

Carolyn Eisenberg

Grandmother of former Heritage students, Alex and Ben
Retired reading specialist
Ongoing volunteer at Heritage

Carolyn and her grandson Ben

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