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Every child deserves to grow and learn in a place that feel safe and encouraging. Every child deserves to learn in a place that honors their strengths and empowers their creativity.  Heritage School did this for our six year-old son the very first day he visited, and has continued to do so every day after. Heritage School's carefully nurtured community and support for self-directed learning has been a perfect fit for our fun and curious kid."

- Angela O.

Heritage Parent

Twenty years ago my second grade daughter became a Heritage student.  With great eagerness she became part and beneficiary of the unique learning culture that Glen and Elaine Olsen crafted.  As a professional teacher myself, I recognized an opportunity for my daughter that was just not available anywhere else.  Elementary school years lay the foundation for all that follows, but a challenging, meaningful education that holistically addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of learning is difficult to create and harder to sustain.  What I saw in Heritage was just this possibility - and I was not disappointed.  My daughter did in fact thrive – by balancing creative and analytical thinking, by fostering both intellectual curiosity and investigative process, by expanding basic skills and the application of those skills to interesting topics of study, by pursuing personal goals along with co-operative group projects, and by developing an awareness that all learning naturally serves right social action.  "

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- Randee Ayres

Art Teacher and former Heritage Parent

Heritage is a truly unique place.  I had friends and colleagues who raved about it.  I knew many of its graduates in high school and beyond and had been impressed not only by their brilliant academic successes, but also and more importantly by the sense that they had developed a strong moral compass and fertile, curious minds.  But I did not really understand just how unique it was until my daughter transferred from a public school in the fourth grade.  Watching her in that first year at Heritage was like watching a fern that had been transplanted from the Mojave Desert to a temperate rain forest.  To say she thrived would be an understatement.  She has moved on from Heritage this year into her future with poetry in her blood, math blooming in her “I’m-not-a-math-person” brain, and a deep and wide appreciation of the peoples, history, and living things in this world. 

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- Dr. Wendy Petersen Boring
Assistant Professor of History
Willamette University

Former Heritage Parent

As someone who has spent years encouraging systematic teaching of writing as part of an integrated language arts program in public schools, it is gratifying to see it done so successfully at Heritage."

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- Carolyn Eisenberg.

Heritage Grandparent
Retired reading specialist
Ongoing volunteer at Heritage



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