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Summary Of Enrollment Process

  • Parents read information about Heritage School.
  • Parents observe Heritage School in action during the school day.
  • Prospective student visits Heritage School after parent visit.
  • If both parents and Heritage teachers consider this a good placement, a pre-enrollment visit is arranged after school or during the evening.  The child is not present at this meeting.  At this pre-enrollment visit parents and teachers discuss the Heritage program, we talk about parents' goals for their child, and we just get better acquainted.  A contract is usually presented if we all agree that the child's needs can be met at Heritage School.  Parents take the contract home to discuss the decision privately. 
  • If parents want to secure a space at Heritage School for their child and if they are ready to make a commitment for the entire academic year beginning in the fall, they return the contract with the initial payment within a week of the pre-enrollment visit (we can be flexible if the need arises).

Admissions Questions And Answers

Will you have openings for new students in 2014-2015?

Current Heritage families sign contracts in early March if their children will reenroll for the coming school year.  We usually fill openings before the end of the school year, but we occasionally have openings in the summer. At this time, we do have openings available for the 2014-15 school year.   Send an email inquiry for updates about enrollment openings.

When may I schedule a visit to Heritage School?

Most visits take place in February, March, April, and even as late as May.  We rarely schedule visits for the fall, since our highest priority at that time is to help our newest students transition into our program.  By springtime even our youngest are usually fairly independent, resourceful learners, allowing us to accommodate more visitors to the classroom.  If your child is not yet old enough for first grade, it is best to wait until the spring of your child's kindergarten year to schedule your child's visit.  We accept older students, too, and we usually schedule their visits for the springtime. 

What time of day is best for a visit to Heritage School?

We recommend that you come for the first part of the school day, arriving between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m.  This provides an opportunity for you to see our morning meeting and how we organize the school day.  Glen teaches math in the morning.  Visitors usually follow Glen as he moves from one math group to the next.  When students are not in math groups during the first part of the morning, they are either working on follow-up math assignments, or they are involved in a variety of cooperative and independent studies and activities.  Occasionally you will also find students engaged in other teacher-led activities during this first block of time in the morning.  Most adult visitors come first thing in the morning and stay for about an hour or two.

May I take my child with me when I visit Heritage?

We prefer that you come without children for your first visit.  We want you to give your undivided attention to observing the school, and we have found that it can be distracting for parents to juggle attending to their children's needs and focusing on what is going on between teachers and students.  If you are interested in pursuing enrollment after visiting the program firsthand, we will schedule a separate visit for your child, who will have the opportunity to be a guest student for a half day or full day (with a couple of Heritage students as special hosts).

When is the best time to call for an appointment?

We are more available to answer your call after 3:15 p.m. Our school phone number is 503-581-9625.  You may contact us via email at info@heritageschoolsalem.com We suggest that you leave as specific a message as possible, indicating your interest in visiting and suggested days of the week you are most available.  You also might mention your child's current age and let us know if you already have submitted an application. 

How many new students do you take each year?

The number of new students entering Heritage School varies from year to year.  We usually have a total enrollment of around thirty-five students.  We accept students in grades one through eight.  We do not take kindergartners. 
Call or email to find out if there is an opening at this time.

How do you decide which children you will accept? Do you test?

We take many factors into account when we consider whom to enroll.  We do not require academic testing as a condition of enrollment.  We do find that students entering first grade at Heritage will transition best if they can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and know most of the initial consonant sounds as well as some of the vowel sounds. Some students enter already reading; others acquire reading skills during their initial year at Heritage. Not all students enter Heritage School at the first grade; many children have been accepted at older grade levels.  The Heritage School includes students with a variety of strengths, needs, and learning styles.  We welcome those of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

If I turn in an application form, will I get on the waiting list?

We keep a file of applicants instead of a “waiting list.” The term "waiting list" implies that there is a chronological listing of students who will be given a spot once an opening occurs.  The process of enrollment at Heritage takes more factors into consideration , since we have such a wide range of ages. 

We keep all applications on file and contact parents should an opening occur in their child's age group.  During enrollment season we encourage parents of prospective students to come observe the program in action.  Then we arrange visitations for the prospective students.  After allowing as many visitations as possible, we make our enrollment decisions.

What is tuition at Heritage School?

Tuition for the 2013-14 school year is $7160 per child. We ask families enrolling children at Heritage School to make a $500 nonrefundable down payment towards tuition which is applied towards the $7160 tuition.  The remaining $6660 is divided into twelve monthly payments of $555.00 per month (paid from June until May).  In addition, there is a one-time, nonrefundable registration fee of $100 for each new student due at the time of enrollment commitment when the parent contract is signed.  This is for students enrolling for the first time, not for returning students. 

Does Heritage School offer scholarships?

The Jacob Deumling Arts and Scholarship Fund was established by Jacob’s family to offer assistance to families who could not otherwise afford to send their children to Heritage School. We do not have a sizable fund for scholarships at this time.  Contact the school for more details. 




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